GhanaPhilip Gbeho Bio, Age, Relationship, Net Worth and Facts

Philip Gbeho Bio, Age, Relationship, Net Worth and Facts

Philip Comi Gbeho was a musician, composer, and teacher from Ghana. He was most famous for writing the Ghana National Anthem. He was a Director of Music and conductor of Ghana’s National Symphony Orchestra and was influential in the formation of the Ghanaian Arts Council.


Philip Gbeho was born in Gold Coast on January 14, 1904, and died on September 24, 1976, at the age of 72.


He was married with seven children.


Philip Gheho went to Keta Roman Catholic Boys School, where he was introduced to the organ, which he quickly learned to play and even became a pupil organist before leaving.

Net Worth

Philip was regarded as a wealthy man. However, his wealth was not entirely documented.


Gbeho returned to Keta to teach at the Roman Catholic Boys School after qualifying as a teacher in December 1929. He soon resumed his work as organist at St. Michael’s Catholic Cathedral in Keta, where he also formed the St. Cecilia’s Choir (which is still active) and brought it to an unusually high level of performance in the District.

In 1949, he was offered a one-year scholarship by the British Council to study for the Licentiate diploma at the Trinity College of Music in the United Kingdom.


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