GhanaIs City Boy's "Slim Girls Only" Discriminatory Music?

Is City Boy’s “Slim Girls Only” [Obolo] Discriminatory Music?

Is Asakaa’s City Boy’s “Slim Girls Only” [Obolo] a piece of discriminatory music?

City Boy released his new song Slim Girls Only featuring Jay Bahd & Reggie all from Life Living Records.

Watch the music video below if you haven’t already.

VIDEO: City Boy – SLIM GIRLS ONLY ft Jay Bahd & Reggie (OFFICIAL VIDEO).

Now addressing the main question, City Boy Slim Girls Only is not a discriminatory song. This is because the song actually reflects the opinions of the artists in the song.

From the lyrics, the music begins with City Boy saying;
“Slim girls (only 3x)
Obolo de3 di asa…” he later continues somewher in the lyrics “Me pe ateaa mempe Obolo…”

Although Reggie said in the song that “Obolo de3 kenken kwa” he emphasised his personal feelings about fat ladies saying “Mepe ateaa mempe Obolo…” directly exclaiming that he likes slim ladies only.

So there you go! If you are a fat lady, just don’t think of going into a relationship with an Asakaa guy. They do not date fat ladies, unless he tells you its just a song.


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