How ToHow To Bypass News Paywall

How To Bypass News Paywall

Assume you’re in your flow, doing research, reading articles, and trying to make sense of the massive amounts of information you’ve been rapidly uploading into your brain. And then, out of nowhere, a paywall appears, making it impossible to read an article.

If you are not a regular reader, you will most likely close the tab and move on to another article. Alternatively, abandon the concept entirely.

In this article, I’ll show you five ways how to bypass news paywall and read articles for free without having to pay to any website.

1. Using the Incognito window

Simply click on the article you want to read, copy its URL, open an incognito window, and paste the link, and you are now reading the article while bypassing it. This is true for reading free articles. The advantage of using the incognito window for reading articles is that your browsing history is not tracked. You can also use this method to read free articles in the New York Times and other newspaper websites that allow you to read a limited number of articles for free.

2. Using a VPN to bypass news paywalls

VPN provides you with a virtual proxy address that allows you to bypass newspaper sites because they cannot track your IP address, and you can connect and disconnect your VPN as many times as you want so that you get a different IP address with each connection.

3. Joining the free 1-month trial

Many websites, including the New York Times, Financial Times, and The Washington Post, allow you to read unlimited articles for one month in exchange for submitting your credit card information and signing up. This is one of the best ways to read newspaper articles for free for one month and then cancel.

4. Bypass Paywalls with Chrome Extensions

The most convenient way to get around a paywall is to use reading extensions like Reader Mode. Reader Mode will convert the body of an article into a visually appealing and distraction-free format. Most importantly, it will remove the overlay elements that made reading the restricted article impossible.

5. Cleaning your browser history

You can read an unlimited number of articles by clearing your browsing history or cache. You can do this in the New York Times and other sites that offer free reading for months, such as Medium. Your browsing history is saved, and the site does not allow you to read the articles. To do so, clear your browser history and try again to read free newspaper articles.

I hope this article will help you bypass news paywall and read paywall-based articles for free.


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