Ghana3D Gold printing in Ghana to increase profit influx

3D Gold printing in Ghana to increase profit influx

3Dinkra broke a boundary in the Ghanaian jewelry industry with 3D printing.

According to Benjamin Obeng, Manufacturing Technician at Siemens, Ghana is currently one of the world’s leading producers of gold. 1st in Africa and 7th globally.

However he went on to state that more than half of the jewelries in the country are imported. Most jewelers, buy the gold, ship to China to be made into jewelry and ship them back to be sold in the stores.

“An entire leaking supply chain.” He emphasised.

Not restricted by design, or huge setup cost , 3Dinkra is partnering with the local jewelers to is disrupt this entire sector in Ghana with 3d printing technology.

Last Saturday, this ring was designed and made with gold from Ghana by Ghanaians in Ghana. 3D Gold printing in Ghana will hence increase profit influx.

3D Gold printing in Ghana
3D printed Gold in Ghana.

Work done by Benjamin Asare and Theophilus Nutsuglo


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