Culture10 Super Interesting Facts About Ghana

10 Super Interesting Facts About Ghana

Ghana, a West African country rich in culture and history, is a fascinating location to visit. It has an abundance of natural resources as well. There are a number of interesting facts about the nation that will entice the interested tourist to visit. Here’s a rundown of some of Ghana’s most interesting facts.

10 Super Interesting Facts About Ghana

1. 3rd World’s Largest Artificial Reservoir

Lake Volta is the third world’s largest reservoir artificial reservoir after Aral Sea (68,000 km²) and Lake Winnipeg (24,514 km²) located behind the Akosombo Dam in Ghana. It covers an area of 8,502 km² and is the largest artificial reservoir in the world by surface area.

2. High amounts Gold And Diamonds

After South Africa, Ghana is Africa’s second-largest and the world’s 6th largest producer of gold according to Metals Focus; World Gold Council. The country exported $2.39 billion in gold in 2016. It’s no surprise that Ghana was formerly known as the Gold Coast. Ghana is also rich in diamonds, in addition to gold.

3. Exotic Waterfalls

Ghana is endowed with great natural wealth including exotic waterfalls, beaches, caves, rivers, mountains, and more. Waterfalls like the Kintampo waterfalls, Tagbo Falls, and others are very scenic and act as tourist magnets. Most of them are hidden in dense forests and can be accessed by long trails through forested hilly or mountainous terrain.

4. Second Largest Cocoa Producer

Cocoa is one of the major export products of Ghana. A publication by Chocolate Phynak on “WHAT ARE THE TOP 10 COCOA PRODUCING COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD?” shows that in 2021 alone, Ghana produced over 883,652 metric tonnes of Cocoa.

5. One Of Africa’s Most Peaceful Nations

Ghana is the fourth most peaceful country in Africa and the 41st most peaceful country in the world as stated in 2018 Global Peace Index. While many other African countries are engulfed in civil conflicts or wars with their neighbors, Ghana has managed to preserve a reasonably stable and peaceful environment.

6. West Africa’s Largest Single Market

The Kejetia market is West Africa’s largest single market. There are around 10,000 shops and kiosks there containing a wide variety of products. This market sells everything from diamond and gold jewelry to spices, cereals, handicrafts, and more.

7. Houses the Best Univerisity in West Africa

Ghaana houses the best university in West Africa. University of Cape Coast (UCC) ranked the topmost university in Ghana and West Africa in the 2022 times higher education world universities ranking.

8. Ethnic Diversity

Ghana is home to around 70 ethnic groups, the largest of which is the Akan, who make up roughly 47.5 percent of the population.

9. Leading Currency against Dollar in Sub-Sahara Africa

Ghanaian cedis is the leading within the sub-Sahara Africa but still appears in position three after Libya’s Dinar and Tunisia’s Dinar. Although the currency lost its footing against the USD to a 6:1 ratio in August 2021, the Ghanaian Cedi is hailed as Africa’s beacon of democracy has the highest GDP per capita in West Africa.

10. Most Visited West African Country

Trip Advisor projects Ghana among the three most visited West African Country for tourism; Ghana, Senegal & Gambia.


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